• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024

Mr Anthony Rice

Anthony Rice

Speaking at: HRC2024

Position: Arrhythmia Specialist Nurse
Location: Middlesbrough, UK

I am a heart rhythm specialist nurse working at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. I have over 27 years of nursing experience, 20 years working at a senior level. I have been in post for 15 years with a previous 10 year background in coronary care nursing as well as 18 months working in primary care as a nurse practitioner. I hold a Masters degree in advanced cardiology nursing as well as a BA degree & diploma in nursing studies. I hold certificates in advanced clinical skills and non-medical prescribing. I am a key organiser & contributor of the arrhythmia & blackout postgraduate course at Teesside university. In my current daily role I clinically assess patients with palpitations, syncope, AF & a wide range of other arrhythmias. I pre-admit & discharge elective patients for devices such as pacemakers, ICDs, electrophysiology studies as well as implant & explant cardiac monitors and follow up this group of patients from implant to diagnosis to explant. I have a particular interest in patients with syncope & implantable cardiac monitors; as well as education & development.

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