• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024

Dr Arunashis Sau

Arunashis Sau

Speaking at: HRC2024

Position: Cardiology Registrar
Location: London, UK

Dr Sau is a specialist registrar in cardiac electrophysiology and a clinical academic at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London. His main research interest is the application of machine learning to electrical signals, including the surface ECG and intracardiac electrograms, to surpass human capabilities. His doctoral research, which centred on the pioneering use of artificial intelligence-enhanced electrocardiography (AI-ECG) for cardiovascular risk prediction, resulted in first prize for multiple young investigator and other international awards. Dr Sau is an expert in AI-ECG and has personally developed a multitude of models for his research. His postgraduate clinical training has been in the North West Thames deanery, where he was awarded an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Cardiology and subsequently a British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship to carry out his doctoral research. He studied medicine at Imperial College London, where he was awarded a First Class (Hon) BSc degree in Medical Sciences with Cardiovascular sciences and has been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education by the University of Dundee. 

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