• HRC2024
  • 6 - 8 Oct 2024

Dr Mark Tanner

Mark Tanner

Speaking at: HRC2024

Position: Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Location: Chichester, UK

Dr Mark Tanner is a Consultant Cardiologist at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, and a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology. He trained in cardiology in London at The Royal Brompton, Hammersmith, and St Mary’s Hospitals, completing a fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology and pacing at Imperial College Healthcare in 2010.

His clinical research interests include the use of emerging cardiac pacemaker techniques in the treatment of heart failure (currently principal investigator for the conduction system pacing studies PROTECT-HF and PROTECT-UP), and the use of digital technologies in the diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders. He has served on a number of NICE committees, currently as a member of the Technology Advisory Committee, and previously as professional expert for His-Bundle Pacing and specialist member of the Diagnostics Advisory Committee. 

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